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October 12, 2014
Issue 10, The Sage
 from Series 3 of Strange Myths and Wondrous Images
Cupertino Symphonic Band, 3pm

November 16, 2014
Issue 4, A Hero's Anthem 
from Series 1 of Strange Myths and Wondrous Images
Cupertino Symphonic Band, 3pm

​December 10, 2013
​​Squad Car - for Concert Band 
Santa Teresa High School, Director Julie Bounds

December 6, 7, 13 -15, 2013
Stars - for SATB Choir
Occidental Community Choir
Occidental Center for the Arts, 8pm (final performance 3pm)

December 13 -15, 2013
Godunov's Magical Christmas Egg
Incidental Music for the play by Dennis Carter
Coleman Auditorium, Gualala Arts Center, Gualala, CA., 7pm
(see flyer at left)

November 10, 2013
Ceremonies Past and Present - for Concert Band 
Cupertino Symphonic Band Veteran's Concert
Quinlan Community Center, 3:00pm

 June 21, 2013
Two Pieces for Double Reeds (available soon)
Summer in the City Chamber Music Recital

 June 18, 2013
Minstrels for Five Kings - for Brass Quintet
Nautilus Brass
Walker Beard, Stephen Lyons, Trumpet, Julia Cavagnaro, Horn
Jeremy Loudon, Trombone, Julio Cruz, Tuba
Summer in the City Chamber Music Recital

June 7, 2013
Ceremonies Past and Present - for Concert Band
commissioned by the Milpitas Community Concert Band, Director Jeff Yaeger
Milpitas Community Center
Concert Hall, 7:30pm

​​May 20, 2013
Prelude - for a young string orchestra
performed by the San Jose Youth Chamber Orchestra and Santa Cruz Chamber Strings Youth Ensemble, Directors Susan Stein and Cynthia Baehr
Le Petit Trianon

​​May 10, 2013
Prelude - for a young string orchestra
performed by the Woodside Priory String Ensemble, Director Amanda McFadden
Rothrock Performing Arts Center

​May 9, 2013
​​A Candle in the Dark - Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble
performed by the SJSU Wind Ensemble, Director - Edward Harris
Clarinet Solo - Katsuya Yuasa
San Jose State University
Concert Hall, 7:30pm

Jason McChristian (b.1979) is a native Californian composer whose music has been performed nationally by renowned ensemble such as the Premiere Saxophone Quartet, Nautilus Brass Quintet, and the San José Chamber Orchestra. A member of CSIC (Composers and Schools in Concert), SCI, NAfME, and ASCAP, Jason has composed for various chamber ensembles, string orchestra, and symphonic band. Jason is co-founder of South Bay Composer Collective and Melos Music and he is the Music Director and Conductor of the Cupertino Symphonic Band. He has composed for several commissions and his music is published by BCP Press.
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Metallurgy - for Solo Multiple Percussion
Stuart Langsam, 

May 17, 2015
Flicker and Flare - for Handbell Choir and Concert Band
Bay Bells and the Cupertino Symphonic Band, 3pm
Prospect H.S., Saratoga, CA.
Now Available!

for Symphonic Band

Now Available:
for Concert Band

I was inspired to compose this work because of another sinfonietta (perhaps the most well-known), Sinfonietta by Leoš Janáček, composed for orchestra in 1926. Despite the title, Janáček's Sinfonietta is rather epic in scale and I wanted to compose a work for symphonic band that was similar in size and scope, but one that was, emotionally speaking, the antithesis to Janáček's. While the sinfonietta by Janáček is often lauded as a hopeful vision, mine is rife with uncertainty.