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Four Excerpts from "The Judgment of Paris" for Tenor, Baritone, and Piano
Libretto by Eric Franklin
For many years, I have been interested in the Ancient world, and Greece in particular. Recently, I have become more interested in opera. I was fascinated by the history of the first operas, which often dealt with subject matter from Ancient Greek and Roman myths, and were also in part an attempt to recreate what a live performance of Greek Drama might have sounded like in Ancient Times. When the idea to write an opera came about, I felt that I would pay homage to those early pioneers by invoking the tales of the Trojan War; one of my favorite episodes from Greek Myth. I hope that those of you who are familiar with the mythology will appreciate our treatment of the tale, but I also hope that it might encourage some of you to learn more about these fascinating stories from antiquity.

 - Eric Franklin

Excerpt One - Opening of Scene II
The Trojan Prince, Paris, tends the royal flock in the mountains near his home. He is lonely and begins to daydream.

Excerpt Two - From Scene II
Paris has made a deal with the goddess Aphrodite to find his true love. His brother Hector appears and listens to his excited story.

Excerpt Three - Interlude

Excerpt Four - From Scene III
Paris and Hector have traveled to Sparta to attend a banquet in King Menelaus' palace: a celebration of peace with Troy. Then, Paris sees the Spartan queen Helen.

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