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Mundus Jovialis  for two clarinetists

Composed in 2009, Mundus Jovialis (Moons of Jupiter) refers to the work of the same title by the German astronomer Simon Marius (1573-1624). Each movement is subtitled with a description of certain physical characteristics of each of Jupiter’s four largest moons: Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa. The work features two clarinetists; each switching between an E-flat, B-flat, and Bass Clarinet throughout the work. 

1. Io - Geysers and Volcanoes
Io features rhythmic flexibility and improvisatory dialogue between the players. Short, articulated gestures and frantic out-bursts suggest the volcanoes and geysers found on the surface of this geologically violent moon.

2. Ganymede - Iron and Ice
Ganymede begins with one clarinetist playing an announcing gesture while the other plays jagged interruptions with quarter-tones This effect depicts the sensation one might feel when touching a cold surface.

3. Callisto - Cracks and Craters
From distant cries a wailing theme emerges and flows through an undulating ostinato. The theme continues with slight variation finally returning to its original state.

4. Europa - Tides and Mountains
Canonic devices and fluid lines depict the flow of tides found on Europa. These lines lead to marked cadences which symbolize the mountain ranges also found on this moon. Near the end of this movement musical material from the previous three movements reappears. And the work finally ends in the same musical outburst with which Io began.

Duration: ca. 18 minutes

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