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Pieces of Insects
for English Horn and Piano
(also available for Soprano Saxophone and Piano)


Past Performances:
Jim Abbott - English Horn, Victoria Lington - Piano
San Jose State University, Concert Hall
Novemeber 25, 2012

I. Ant(s)

II. Ladybug

III. Mosquito

IV. Butterfly

V. Grasshopper

Pieces of Insects (2012)

  I have always had a keen interest in insects and the combination of the english horn and piano provided a great opportunity to depict, and pay homage to, these wonderful and most evolutionarily successful of animals. My intention was to keep the music light and full of humor. The listener may even recognize familiar gestures one might use to permanently-remove these pesky critters. "Pieces of Insects" is set in five movements.

I. Ant(s)

  Rarely seen alone, these insects are often seen as pests. In this movement the pianist can be heard smashing the helpless ants one finger at a time. It isn't long however, before the ants became too numerous and the pianist gives up.

II. Ladybug

  This favorite, even among the most ardent bug-haters, appears slow but can fly to distant and exotic places.

III. Mosquito

  This fragile insect has a bad rap due to its annoying, and sometimes dangerous behavior. Many have met their demise under the palm of a hand, but will the mosquito's angular flight path allow it to escape?

IV. Butterfly

  The beauty of the butterfly has been an inspiration for many composers. This movement features a lyrical theme accompanied by arpeggiated figures.

V. Grasshopper 

  The grasshopper uses a combination of jumping and flying to maneuver. Unfortunately, sometimes they maneuver themselves directly into the windshield of an oncoming behemoth.

 Duration: ca. 11 minutes 

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